Spinal Arthritis

It is estimated that millions of Americans suffer from facet joint pain. This type of pain is characterized by chronic pain in any part of the spine from the neck to the lower back. One of the most common causes for facet joint pain is spinal arthritis. OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine can help patients living in the Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas area manage this particular pain and health condition.

What You Need to Know About Facet Joint Pain

Facet joint pain can occur anywhere in the spine. The facet joints are the small joints located between each vertebra. These joints are constantly moving as they provide stability and flexibility when an individual sits, stands, bends, twists and moves.

The facet joints are lined with cartilage allowing them to glide easily over each other. Friction or deterioration of this cartilage can cause pain, tenderness, swelling and inflammation. A common cause of facet joint pain that is characterized by inflammation and deterioration is spinal arthritis.

What You Need to Know About Spinal Arthritis

Spinal arthritis is caused by the natural aging process, excessive weight, overuse in sports or work or an injury to the spine. Spinal arthritis is the breakdown of cartilage between the facet joints in the posterior (back) section of the spine. This condition can cause mild to severe pain that is often worsened in the beginning or end of the day, with changing weather or after sitting for an extended period of time. The pain can radiate into the buttocks, pelvic area or thighs from the back region. It can also radiate to the shoulders, arms or head from the neck region.

A common occurrence in spinal arthritis is abnormal bony growths, or bone spurs, that develop on the vertebra. Bone spurs occur over time on the facet joints as a result of deterioration. These growths are a response to joint instability and are the body’s attempt to return stability to the spine.

Why You Should Treat Facet Joint Pain and Spinal Arthritis

Individuals who experience facet joint pain and are diagnosed with spinal arthritis are encouraged to take an active role in treatment of this condition. Treatment can help prevent additional facet joint damage and can help an individual get back to a healthy, active lifestyle. In order to help control spinal arthritis, a balance of exercise, weight control, nutrition and medication may be used.

If you are experiencing facet joint pain and think it may be caused by spinal arthritis, please contact OPTIMAL Pain & Regenerative Medicine in the Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth, Texas area for more information.

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