OPTIMAL First in Dallas & Fort Worth Area to Use St. Jude BurstDR Spinal Cord Stimulator

Drs. Phillips, Cottingham and Berlin are the first in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington, Texas area to offer the St. Jude BurstDR spinal cord stimulator. The St. Jude BurstDR is a new superior spinal cord stimulation option for patients who are suffering from chronic pain. Compared to traditional spinal cord stimulation that uses a tonic stimulation method, the BurstDR stimulation has been proven to better decrease chronic pain and improve maintenance of the therapy.

Chronic pain is a complex and challenging condition for pain management physicians to treat. Many patients seeking long-term relief from chronic pain may find an incomplete or partial response to treatment. Remaining on the forefront of pain management innovation, OPTIMAL utilizes the St. Jude BurstDR spinal cord stimulator to reduce chronic pain of the arms, legs and back.

A traditional spinal cord stimulator is designed to deliver small electrical pulses to the spinal cord’s pain sensing pathways. These electronic signals alter the pain signals that travel to the brain. The BurstDR stimulation is clinically proven to improve upon traditional spinal cord stimulation by utilizing intermittent “burst” pulses designed to mimic the body’s natural nerve impulse patterns. By mimicking the “burst” firing of the brain, researchers believe the St. Jude BurstDR stimulation more naturally targets both the brain’s medial and lateral pathways, affecting a patient’s emotional and physical response to pain.

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